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My day of SUCK

Yeah, I know. I didn’t do any of those things that I said I would do. In fact, I did so little that my stats say that none of you come here anymore, which is kind of hahahilarious to me, and also kind of sad. Although, why would you come here when there is never [...]

Irons Out: The Quarterly Finals Procrastination Post

Welcome to the QFPP! Hee. I love a good acronym, especially one that’s particularly hard to pronounce. I think we should all pronounce QFPP as “QUIFF-puh,” just because we can. The man may tell us otherwise, but we will prevail. QUIFFPUH REVOLUTION! So, I tried to write a real post, and I couldn’t, so I’m [...]

Lessons in Raspberry Lemonade

Recommended: Trying Crystal Light. Not Recommended: Drinking a lot of caffeinated Crystal Light. (Did you know they put caffeine in that shit? THIS is why my grandma always loved it.) Recommended: Trying it dry, like a super-tangy Pixi Stick. Not Recommended: Inhaling mid-pixi. Recommended: Lots of coughing. Not Recommended: Breathing in sharply between coughs, thereby [...]


So, welcome to the new location! Come on in, take a look around, pull up a chair, I’m here to stay. I’m probably still tweaking this theme (layout, etc), but I’ve really moved in for real now, since the main page is up and oh so newly pretty. I’m really very proud of it, so [...]

You guys…

You guys, the Mountain Goats were totally and completely awesome live. Like, completely and totally awesome. And yes, I do know that I reversed those adjectives right there. That is how awesome it was. John and Peter seemed so excited to be there and to be playing that it was infectious. JD took frequent “high-five-the-front-row” [...]

Historic Things

wha? Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. I had this film developed a full 3 months after I exposed it, and let me tell you, it is totally weird to see things I saw in November, the way they were in November. I kinda like it though. It’s like a TIME CAPSULE. Yay, dorky school project memories! [...]

I can see my future

Occasionally, while surfing the intarwoobs, I read something that makes me laugh out loud, frightening passersby, small children, and my unsuspecting roommate. Today, that thing is this. I’m not really sure why it’s so funny, except that that is SO something I would do. Also, my head is enormous. Also, because today is Thursday and [...]

Protected: How are things…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

contrast: high

Right now I am too sleepy to say anything but this: I like markers that are all different colors and make pretty swoopy lines. Later I will be more interesting. Maybe.


I have uploaded more pictures to flickr. There are some pictures of pandas, some pictures of a wedding, and some pictures that I have just been too lazy to get to until just now. Personally, I am a big fan of the pictures of pandas. And also of Taboo, since Taboo is about the best [...]