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Updates From My World

So. Things have changed in the last few weeks. I’ve gotten somewhat employed (yay!), I’ve found a place to live for the year (yay!) for a ridiculously reasonable rent (yay!), and I’ve gone on more intense medication for my migraines, which so far has resulted in my first span of five full days sans headache [...]

books are like bacteria

You can tell that you are a person who reads herself to sleep when most of what you clean off of your bedside table is a stack of books tall enough that you have to take it down the ladder in two bunches. That sentence has been sitting in my draft folder for two weeks, [...]

these are a few of my…things

So, it’s been a turbulent couple of weeks around here. I’m not going to go into it, the internet being a public forum and all, but no worries, I’m finding my feet again. However, I’m still pretty much operating at minimum functional capacity. I’m getting the vital stuff done, but everything on the list below [...]

Shining Examples

In an effort to maybe someday be able to do a respectable number of “big kid” pushups, I’ve been undertaking an exercise program with a couple of my suitemates. It’s about 30 minutes long, including warm-up and cool-down and is structured in circuits. 3 minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio, and a minute [...]

Valentine’s Day, the Exhaustive Review Edition

For Valentine’s Day, we headed into San Francisco for a charming event called Writers With Drinks. The basic premise is that you put a variety of writers (and an amusing MC) on stage in a bar, give them free drinks, and see what comes out. There’s a five dollar cover, and there are very few [...]

Two Lessons

One should learn two things from this. 1. ALWAYS PROOFREAD. 2. Coffee has secrets. They are SHOCKING. Thank you, Questionable Content advertisers. I owe you everything.

an important conversation about pants

I had this conversation with myself this morning: Self, your pants are on inside out. No they’re not, they’re perfect, I love them like this. Yes they are. Look at the waist band. But it folds over! It’s fine! But where is the drawstring? Where, I ask you?? It’s here, where it’s supposed to be. [...]

Trying to Conquer the Beast

So, I know it’s been forever since I posted here. It has been forever because I have been trying to conquer my own problems with procrastination, with middling to large success. I have done two things: I started using Google Feed Reader. Now, I know that this is usually a thing that wastes MORE time, [...]

an excerpt from my paper

I have been writing this paper since 9pm tonight, and I think it might be done. College has made me a much faster writer, although perhaps not a better one. (I kid. Definitely, probably, maybe a better one.) Warning: this excerpt may be extraordinarily boring. I am probably only posting this because it is an [...]

Alarm Malfunction

So, this morning, in my groggy half-sleep, I experienced one of the top 10 college student nightmares come to life. My alarm was set to wake me up at 9 am, leaving me time to print things out and thoroughly beautify myself before I have to set out across campus to make it in time [...]