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I am writing a poem in which the word turtle appears 12 times so far. I am quite proud of this fact. Of course, it’s also 1:55 am, so pretty much everything feels like a good idea right now. You could probably convince me that I should write a poem about rocks. Actually, this kind [...]

an important conversation about pants

I had this conversation with myself this morning: Self, your pants are on inside out. No they’re not, they’re perfect, I love them like this. Yes they are. Look at the waist band. But it folds over! It’s fine! But where is the drawstring? Where, I ask you?? It’s here, where it’s supposed to be. [...]

Dear Guy Peeing in the Girl’s Bathroom,

When I saw your feet under the door behind me in the mirror, I knew you were not a girl. I am sure there are girls with manly feet and guys with girly feet, but I instantly knew you were a dude. I mean, come on. Sometimes, you just know these things. So it was [...]

Trying to Conquer the Beast

So, I know it’s been forever since I posted here. It has been forever because I have been trying to conquer my own problems with procrastination, with middling to large success. I have done two things: I started using Google Feed Reader. Now, I know that this is usually a thing that wastes MORE time, [...]

my very important life

I never feel like I have enough time to do everything. There’s always reading, or writing, or thinking, or applying to jobs to be done, and I never, ever have enough time to do it all. And this would probably be reasonable, considering that I’m a Stanford junior without a summer job (yet) who is [...]

nearly done

I am absurdly entertained by this: [youtube=] Also, I am like…two days from being done with this quarter. This is a huge relief, or WILL be on Wednesday afternoon. And so I’m headed to bed. Night, all!

the line of fire

My hair smells like dumpling. This is because I am: 1. a wuss and 2. not chinese and therefore did not 3. put the whole dumpling in my mouth at once, like Jay and so 4. it squooged out dumpling juice and 5. my hair is long and was therefore 6. in the line of [...]

an excerpt from my paper

I have been writing this paper since 9pm tonight, and I think it might be done. College has made me a much faster writer, although perhaps not a better one. (I kid. Definitely, probably, maybe a better one.) Warning: this excerpt may be extraordinarily boring. I am probably only posting this because it is an [...]

awkward moments

The installation of hand-held shower heads has dramatically increased the odds of hearing something awkward while brushing your teeth. I’m just SAYING.

You guys…

You guys, the Mountain Goats were totally and completely awesome live. Like, completely and totally awesome. And yes, I do know that I reversed those adjectives right there. That is how awesome it was. John and Peter seemed so excited to be there and to be playing that it was infectious. JD took frequent “high-five-the-front-row” [...]