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I remember now!

I’ve remembered what the point of the last post was supposed to be! I’ve started playing around with putting up these playlists I make every month? They’re in that new section up at the top called “playlist” (yeah, up there ^), so check ‘em out if you’re interested and leave me a comment, or something. [...]

it’s been a warm winter and a cold spring

I have this Indigo Girls song stuck in my head. It’s called “Three County Highway,” and the chorus goes like this: It’s been a warm winter and a cold spring, everywhere I’ve been has felt wrong to me. So put your head on my heart and lay down in the crook of my arm. Everything’s [...]

because you are a good person and want me to love you

So, my very talented friend Walt Carlson loves this comic, called Elsie Hooper. He’s drawn a really awesome piece (that’s his own high-res version, the one on the EH site is here) for their annual fan art contest, and to make it into the final round of judging (which it totally deserves, due to its [...]

Rant follows: if you have particularly strong feelings about SweatFree protests, don’t troll me please, love, mary

Read this first. I’ve been getting those emails too, and they, not unlike the hunger strike in White Plaza this fall, drive me absolutely up the wall. So, why do I think this is moronic? (Because, oh BOY, do I.) Well, we can start with the excessive punctuation (always an excellent indicator of intelligence), and [...]

spring makes me boring

It is firmly spring-like here. Our fourth floor apartment, resplendent in its lack of air conditioning, is a comfortable (NOT) 90ish degrees, the guitar calluses that dot my left hand are progressing nicely, and all in all, everything is much too placid to inspire blogging. I can’t even get a proper “bored” going since I [...]

Attn World: I Am Blogging in Class

In a move some have been predicting for years, I have now taken my obsession with the internet with me to class–I am studying it. I know, I know, way to mix business with pleasure, right? Wrong. Little did I know that studying the internet would require actual research and writing and WORK. Those jerks. [...]

let’s utilize the use of a title

*snigger* My roommate’s friend is in one of the classes I’m in, and tonight, he burst into our room, all outraged, to complain about the comments his TA had given him on his response to one of the films we watched in class. He began, in a giant huff, to read the offending sentence in [...]


I have uploaded more pictures to flickr. There are some pictures of pandas, some pictures of a wedding, and some pictures that I have just been too lazy to get to until just now. Personally, I am a big fan of the pictures of pandas. And also of Taboo, since Taboo is about the best [...]

spring fever

What can I say? I was bored with brown. I’ve got a bit of a case of Spring Fever, I guess. Everything has been frustrating me lately with  its sameness. I don’t know what it is, but I have this urge to dye my hair blue, cut it all off, move to a foreign country, [...]

blog crush

I have a blog crush. For months now, I’ve been reading the occasionally angsty undergraduate musings of Kat Lewin, who is a columnist for the Stanford Daily. I can’t even remember how I found the damn thing, but here I am, hopelessly addicted. When she moved back to campus following a stint in the Russian [...]