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When I left for college, I didn’t so much leave as bolt, as if fired from the proverbial cannon. I was ready to go. In fact, I was considerably past ready to go. I had been sitting around, hearing reports from my friends who DIDN’T go to schools on the quarter system about the general [...]

The First Miracle of the Gym

Have you ever seen those commercials for gold conversion? You know, the “GOLD KIT” ones? They offer to send you a **FREE PADDED MAILER** so that you can send in your old jewelry, chains, metal, dental scrap and….wait, dental scrap? Did I hear that right? How many people are sitting around with old fillings made [...]

Torture Yoga: An Interpretive Piece

(CHEEP) I’ve joined a gym with Claire and Kelsey. It’s a very nice gym–very clean and shiny and country-clubbey. I am not the person in the best shape, but I’m not the person in the worst shape either. Sometimes I forget how to work the mini-lockers and get my keys stuck in them, but mostly [...]

because I am a packrat

I just found a piece of paper with the following written on it in my handwriting: dear pencil. life is written…. GOOD PLAN, LIFE. I don’t remember writing any of that, but I think maybe it’s sort of absent-mindedly brilliant. Now all I have to do is figure out what it means.