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OK, is anyone else freaked right the hell out by Latisse? Have you seen these ads? I was watching Hulu tonight, minding my own damn business, then out of the blue I get an ad for Latisse, the only FDA approved treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes. Now, first of all, if you need [...]

Administrative Details

If you’re viewing the site from an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll notice that it looks pretty different these days, courtesy of WPTouch. Nifty, eh?

modern romance

Let me just say that there has GOT to be a reason why this woman is selling her engagement ring on facebook at such a serious discount, and that reason is one hell of a story.

books are like bacteria

You can tell that you are a person who reads herself to sleep when most of what you clean off of your bedside table is a stack of books tall enough that you have to take it down the ladder in two bunches. That sentence has been sitting in my draft folder for two weeks, [...]

Playlist Ephemera

If you check out the playlist section in the sidebar, you’ll see that I’m up to date with the track listings from my monthly playlists. My notes and links are only done through say, September of 2007 or so, but I’m working to catch up on them. That’s the part that takes forever, so hold [...]

If you get a minute, please head over here and vote for my charming friend Lauren O so that she can interview for an internship! I know it’s a totally strange way to decide interviews, but she’s super fly and totally deserves to get all employed up in that place.

A Post from the Stats

Every once in a while (as you who have been reading me faithfully for-boring-ever will remember) I like to take a look at the search engine referrals for this site. For the uninitiated, (get ready to be reminded how very very not private the internet is) basically, every website’s host stores a lot of information [...]

Tasting Menu

I have plans to post here, really and truly I do. Here are some of them, coming over the next, say, week: 1. A letter I wrote to Thursday when we were both 12. I was at summer camp, and I talked about boys, canoeing, and the food. My letters today are pretty much exactly [...]

Irons In The Fire

Ack! I know, it’s been mighty silent around these parts. It just seems that although I deliberately gave myself an easy quarter, class-wise, things just keep piling on and suddenly I have a million irons in the fire, all of which I’m afraid to expose to the internet, for fear of ye olde cyberjinx. Also, [...]

excuse me

but I think I have bloggers’ block.