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Dear Webmasters of Book Related Websites,

In the course of my extensive list making for my vaguely publishing-related job, I have come across a few issues I think you all should work on. For your convenience, I have summarized them here in a handy list format: I don’t care how high, mighty and un-findable you and your masters want to be–the [...]


This post will not stick together, but at least it will be a post. Things that have almost (but not quite) made the blog: Today I saw a blind man standing at a street corner, playing his cane like a guitar and singing. When I stepped out of a building onto the sidewalk, the black [...]

I know, I know…

I’ve been gone forever! I’m really busy (and also sleepy at the moment), so you’ll have to make do with just a poem. Not mine, but Marie Howe’s, from her 1998 book, What the Living Do, which is very good, but also made me cry. Twice. What the Living Do

neeeed sleeeeep

Dear Frat House Next Door/Across the Street/Down the Road, I get it. Really, I do. I mean, of course you throw parties. You’re frat houses. That is like, your primary function–to bring the party to the block, to rock out college-style, to pump your pimpin’ tunes, to assault the neighborhood with the soul of DANCE. [...]

Two Lessons

One should learn two things from this. 1. ALWAYS PROOFREAD. 2. Coffee has secrets. They are SHOCKING. Thank you, Questionable Content advertisers. I owe you everything.

In Like Flynn

I’m moved in! It was hard and exhausting and involved lifting a lot of heavy things, and made me realize that I have way too many personal possessions. But I’m here! And I’m cleaning up the room, so now it almost looks neat. I’ve put up some pictures, and set up my light, and read [...]