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books are like bacteria

You can tell that you are a person who reads herself to sleep when most of what you clean off of your bedside table is a stack of books tall enough that you have to take it down the ladder in two bunches. That sentence has been sitting in my draft folder for two weeks, [...]

Valentine’s Day, the Exhaustive Review Edition

For Valentine’s Day, we headed into San Francisco for a charming event called Writers With Drinks. The basic premise is that you put a variety of writers (and an amusing MC) on stage in a bar, give them free drinks, and see what comes out. There’s a five dollar cover, and there are very few [...]

Video Therapy

Here is a very fuzzy picture of me as a toddler, which I took with my iphone of an actual picture of me. That is not a great sentence, but you’ll just have to deal with that trauma on your own time. So, imagine that me on the floor pitching a tantrum, because that me [...]