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Updates From My World

So. Things have changed in the last few weeks. I’ve gotten somewhat employed (yay!), I’ve found a place to live for the year (yay!) for a ridiculously reasonable rent (yay!), and I’ve gone on more intense medication for my migraines, which so far has resulted in my first span of five full days sans headache [...]


Briefly, just to complain on as many platforms as possible, I have now had three migraines in the last two weeks, and can I just say OW. Apparently my brain doesn’t like being unemployed? Or hot? Or living…with lucky bamboo? Something has made it very unhappy. Lucky for me, they just came out with a [...]

Numbered, For Your Reading Ease, One Through Four

I woke one recent morning in a flat panic that I’d killed someone I’m quite fond of accidentally through my own idiocy. Thank you, dreams! Thank you very much. So lovely. In this dream, I was living back on Stanford campus, riding a pink beach cruiser with a ridiculously high set of handlebars. Every time [...]

these are a few of my…things

So, it’s been a turbulent couple of weeks around here. I’m not going to go into it, the internet being a public forum and all, but no worries, I’m finding my feet again. However, I’m still pretty much operating at minimum functional capacity. I’m getting the vital stuff done, but everything on the list below [...]


This quarter I have the first creative writing workshop of my Stanford career that is led by someone OTHER than my first poetry teacher, whom I seem to have minorly stalked through all of his course offerings over the past year. This quarter, class is led by Mark Doty, who is charming and wonderful in [...]

My day of SUCK

Yeah, I know. I didn’t do any of those things that I said I would do. In fact, I did so little that my stats say that none of you come here anymore, which is kind of hahahilarious to me, and also kind of sad. Although, why would you come here when there is never [...]


I just upgraded WordPress, and WHOOO BOY did it suck. For a process that is supposed to be super simple, the whole thing is unutterably irritating every time I have to do it. Anyhow, rest happy, WordPress upgraded, nothing deleted, life is all good. And now I will go take a nap, after all that [...]

Dear Webmasters of Book Related Websites,

In the course of my extensive list making for my vaguely publishing-related job, I have come across a few issues I think you all should work on. For your convenience, I have summarized them here in a handy list format: I don’t care how high, mighty and un-findable you and your masters want to be–the [...]

neeeed sleeeeep

Dear Frat House Next Door/Across the Street/Down the Road, I get it. Really, I do. I mean, of course you throw parties. You’re frat houses. That is like, your primary function–to bring the party to the block, to rock out college-style, to pump your pimpin’ tunes, to assault the neighborhood with the soul of DANCE. [...]

The Blog Curse

HAH. So apparently mentioning things on my blog is the special special signal for them to fall apart. Strike that last part about “someone in the picture.” Who needs pictures of boys? NOT ME. HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE? NOT ME.