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Valentine’s Day, the Exhaustive Review Edition

For Valentine’s Day, we headed into San Francisco for a charming event called Writers With Drinks. The basic premise is that you put a variety of writers (and an amusing MC) on stage in a bar, give them free drinks, and see what comes out. There’s a five dollar cover, and there are very few [...]

the line of fire

My hair smells like dumpling. This is because I am: 1. a wuss and 2. not chinese and therefore did not 3. put the whole dumpling in my mouth at once, like Jay and so 4. it squooged out dumpling juice and 5. my hair is long and was therefore 6. in the line of [...]

The Grossest Thing I’ve Learned Today

Dear world, They have buttered toast flavored jelly beans. That is possibly the grossest thing EVER. Love, m