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Updates From My World

So. Things have changed in the last few weeks. I’ve gotten somewhat employed (yay!), I’ve found a place to live for the year (yay!) for a ridiculously reasonable rent (yay!), and I’ve gone on more intense medication for my migraines, which so far has resulted in my first span of five full days sans headache [...]

Valentine’s Day, the Exhaustive Review Edition

For Valentine’s Day, we headed into San Francisco for a charming event called Writers With Drinks. The basic premise is that you put a variety of writers (and an amusing MC) on stage in a bar, give them free drinks, and see what comes out. There’s a five dollar cover, and there are very few [...]

In Like Flynn

I’m moved in! It was hard and exhausting and involved lifting a lot of heavy things, and made me realize that I have way too many personal possessions. But I’m here! And I’m cleaning up the room, so now it almost looks neat. I’ve put up some pictures, and set up my light, and read [...]

You guys…

You guys, the Mountain Goats were totally and completely awesome live. Like, completely and totally awesome. And yes, I do know that I reversed those adjectives right there. That is how awesome it was. John and Peter seemed so excited to be there and to be playing that it was infectious. JD took frequent “high-five-the-front-row” [...]

Welcome to 2008

During Winter Break, I have gone many places and learned many things. In order to catch you all up as fast as possible, I will present the rundown of the break in super sweet digest form. Ready, steady, let’s go: U of A Basketball game: Yes, they really ARE that tall. If you sit on [...]

one whole week

I am done with all of the work that needed to happen before Thanksgiving! This is EXCELLENT. I am just chilling here for a while, decompressing and bumming around. It’s lovely. Do I want to discuss my romantic life? NO. NO I DO NOT. (I’m fine. There is really nothing to discuss. Some day, there [...]

Keane is Keen

My Saturday night was great for two reasons: Keane is awesome *and* Despite there existing a vast number of things to go wrong, nothing actually did go wrong. We drove to Berkeley in plenty of time with very little trouble, I didn’t get lost (thank you, excellent navigators), parking was a piece of cake, and [...]

The Secret Safeway

Usually, I don’t go to the secret Safeway. I go to war-zone Safeway, which until recently was merely mildly war torn. However, in recent days, conditions at war-zone Safeway have become intolerable. Not only is most of the parking lot torn out, but also large swaths of the indoors have been replaced with strange walls [...]

Gangster Burger

At the end of last year, a bunch of us decided to eat dinner out on the oval, a big oval (shocking, I know) patch of grass in front of the stanford campus. We all went into Palo Alto, grabbed takeout, and settled ourselves in for a night of picnicking, frisbee, and word games. (Yes, [...]

Beach Day

and this one has a pretty swirl of seaweed, originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. Today, in honor of having no class, I went on a beach adventure. I drove to Muir beach, which is in the Golden Gate National Park. It was really pretty, if a bit grey, and I’ve put up some of my pictures, [...]