Monthly Archives November 2004

Wild West

SmallWyatt Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. Meet Wyatt Earp. The real live Wyatt Earp. I took his picture outside of a Cracker Barrel by the highway. He describes this as his “1800′s” look. I particularly like the raised eyebrow. Unlike his (sometimes) bloodthirsty ancestor, real Wyatt is a sweetheart. A sweetheart with gently curling mustachios. Hee.

Chocoholics Rejoice

This happy chocolate man on Notting Hill has some advice for Her Royal Coldiness. He read on the UK version of Yahoo that chocolate is thought by scientists to contain a substance a third more effective at controlling coughing than condeine. I kid you not. (OR, if the picture continues to hate me, you can [...]

In Which I Spend the Weekend on My Own (Mostly)

The post-Thanksgiving weekend was nice. Not superbly fabulous, but thoroughly nice. Nothing very earth shattering happened, but the peace and quiet was lovely. In classic Grandma fashion, we had pure, unadulterated leftovers for dinner on both nights. This was no less than expected. She really gets a kick out of leftovers. Needless to say, however, [...]


Also, I tripped over an old computer yesterday leaving Astronomy and I have a huge blue bruise. I am a klutz. Yay me.

Welcome to LOCK DOWN

With about 20 minutes left in my second class of the day, suddenly there came a very odd crackle from the speaker on the wall. In the silence that followed came the announcement we most dread. “We are in a lock down situation. Please remain in lock down until further notice.” This means we close [...]

Whoa…the weekend

This weekend was a non-stop socializing extravaganza. On Friday night I went to see Anne-Marie in the Greenfields musical (City of Angels). It was actually pretty good, and for a bunch of kids, they did a pretty good job of carrying off the humor, which might easily have evaded them. Although I went with Charlie, [...]

I think I’m moving

Well, I think I’ll be moving here pretty much. Today started out with a thud. An orthodontist’s appointment which was supposed to be the last check before they take the damn things off turned into “let me just wrench your teeth real hard one more time.” In other words, one more month, and then we’ll [...]

I think this is goodbye, lj

Well, I think I’ve been seduced by Blogger. I’m really loving the super-editable templates. They’re very charming. How was I to resist? Also, this whole emailing in thing is fun indeed. True, it takes longer, but it’s just so…easy that I’m into it anyway. Well, welcome to Mary-land. The topic of greatest interest here this [...]


Well. A new site, a new elegant-er layout. Maybe I’ll stay here. I do have a certain amount of loyalty to livejournal, but blogger’s templates are so darn cute. Just look at all of that adorable green stuff! It’s kind of revolting how cute it is. And, and, and….but livejournal will be so lonely–I was [...]