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No, that is not a type-o. This guy makes intensely over-complicated sculptures out of those foldey balloons. And I mean complicated. And HUGE. Think soccer balls the size of an old-school VW bug, with soccer players, a goal, and a bunch of grass to match. Wow. I’m getting all out of breath just thinking about [...]

Oh Google, how I love thee…

Check it: Google Scholar.

Color Me Wonderful

This is so cool.


Need a poem in a hurry? Better yet, have it turn your blog into poetry. After all… The end of chocolate. he floor watching the end of bureaucracy. Why my new yoga class. was still dark when I got up tomorrow untill nine or with J, Cl, K, and Last night, a repetitive theme, but [...]

Oh, how I love thee

Demotivators. Such Joy.

Weebles Wobble but don’t Fall Down

Despite the continuing interviews (at which I am starting to get quite good) things are going pretty well. I haven’t had to speak to Ms. Jenkin inn a full two days, so how could they not be? My new yoga mat (orange with pink swirly things) is also a source of great joy. Under normal [...]

My Marvelous Weekend

My weekend was marvelous. On Friday night, I hung out with J, Cl, K, and Ch, and we baked cake. Yes, we’re weird. However, it was REALLY REALLY fun, and we’re planning to make that particular group a regular thing. Of course, K wants to pick the day in an incredibly complicated way (the first [...]

Add it to the “school sucks” tally

I hate my counsellor. I know this is a repetitive theme, but I really really do. She’s so…uncaring? cold? eeeeevil? Maybe all of the piercings have addled her brain, or maybe she was just born that way, but she really punches my buttons in the worst possible way. She makes me feel both incredibly angry [...]

Billy Boy

Aww…isn’t he just the cutest little nerd. And look at his COMPUTERS…

Pride and Prejudice-a-thon

Last night, a bunch of us watched the fabulous PBS adaptation of Pride and Prejudice at Claire’s house. All six hours of it. I have only two words to describe it. Colin Firth *sigh*