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Finally, I’m done printing copies of my absolutely kick-butt closing argument. I will cream anyone who stands in my way. That is, if I don’t die of getting up so early as to make it to CDO by 6:45. TOO EARLY, I say! I am going to need a SERIOUS amount of caffeine. Also, I [...]

Gold Glitter aside…

…this damn thing HURTS! My bottom retainer (the kind with a wire and cool glittery plastic) has a hurty thing on the left side. I can’t really tell what it is or why it hurts. Hell, I can’t even see that part of my mouth. All I know is that the top one is God [...]


And now my finger hurts. Damn thee snagged nail.

DeNile is a river in Egypt

I am totally not thinking about the fact that Justin in an (apparent) fit of boredom, bought me ice cream last night. It was only slightly weird, as we spent the entire time talking about his camping trip with Charlie. As he is still walking Claire to her locker and her car daily for no [...]


Ooh…and the flowers were: * Tulip(yellow) – Hopeless love According to the internet. Too bad the Victorian language of flowers is dead and now means precisely nothing. They sure are pretty though….

What a Frabjous Day

Today was lovely. Lovely I tell you! I woke up, despite nightmares about having missed my alarm, right on time, went to yoga, and returned home to cereal and this sparkly gift. Right after that, I went to the orthodontist, and emerged two hours later completely braces free! I have the HUGEST most SHINY teeth [...]

It’s the spirit of the thing

CDO has been inundated with Valentine’s Day mania. Canyon Singers are selling singing Valentines, DECA has balloons, the Varsity Cheerleaders have lip shaped lolliepops, GSA is selling chocolate kiss roses, and StuGo is selling Candygrams and carnations. It’s oppressive! Oppressive I tell you! I can open a door without someone screaming my name and an [...]

SpiroGraph Math Fun

Remember these? Now you can make pretty spirally things without all of that inconvenient ink and plastic. Check it out. Surprisingly Math-y.

Organic HTML

This flash app is pretty cool, but sadly, plants “made” from blogs are not very exciting. I reccomend something like, or…


Today was senior ditch day. It was the most organized effort a senior class has made in many years, and consequently all of my classes were about 50% missing. Even Calculus. Yetman said he’d never have a BC class ditch like that. So things were already feeling pretty weird when I realized that Kelsey wasn’t [...]