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Since we last spoke

I’ve been accepted to Penn and not accepted to Columbia. Since I had already kind of eliminated Columbia by their extremely unfortunate application layout, I am undaunted. However, today has been a little deflating for my “the world revolves around me” theory. On the plus side, Penn is sounding great! 3 to go….


Says no. That’s ok. I didn’t like their weather anyhow.

So far…

…I’ve been waitlisted at Harvard, and the internet hates me. Everytime I almost get into the Penn and Yale sites, the traffic boots me off. I need like a priority number or something. ARgh. Silly internet. Edit: And, although the Yale website says that the decisions are up, my personal one says that I ought [...]


..was so good! Aaaaa! Marshall…oozing! So good! Wow. I heart Marshall and his song. Hush little Marshall don’t you cry… And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

And one more…

Tufts says yes! Dad is delighted.

Brace Yourselves.

I’ve been waitlisted. By Pomona. Fortunately, this is no great loss, as I realized right after I applied that I really didn’t want to go there. And, no I’m not just saying that. Did you know that they have 380 kids to a class? That’s smaller than my high school class! Definitely not in the [...]

Prom times 2

I’ve been very remiss here lately. I thought I’d just give you the tale of the bicycle. We spent a couple of days writing clues (which Claire has promised to give me so that I can share them. They’re pretty awesome.) and then we hid them in and around fountains all over Tucson last Saturday. [...]

2 down…9 to go

Boston College is a go.

Treasure Hunt

In the car Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. Join these three stunning beauties on a journey through Tucson guided by clues. Ok, so the actual clues aren’t up yet, but check out the set. It pretty much covers the highlights of the evening, complete with notes. I have many more pictures, but I don’t so much [...]

New Stuff…

…is up on Flickr. Check it out!