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Quick update….

Hey there all! A quick update from Stanford! Things are really really fun here. A little ummm,m planned, but fun! I’ll tell you all in detail about the funness on Sunday, but right now, I have a date with a waffle machine…. ~m

The Muppets and Who?

I turned on our local PBS station, which, during the day at least, is all-Sesame all the time. The Sesame street monsters were fighting over who got to sing the alphabet song, when suddenly a tall, dignified black man walked in. “Surely that’s not…I mean, doesn’t he have better things to do?” But then he [...]

My Pretty…

Oh man it is so pretty I can hardly stand it. And it’s MINE! I just got back from “babysitting” for NHS hours at CDO. We were the childcare for a parenting class in the MPR. There were 15 of us and 5 kids. Mostly I worked on my problem set with Kevin, the other [...]

NEW (to me)

I heart the Magnetic Fields. Especially “Epitaph for my Heart.” Caution Caution Caution To prevent electric shock Do not Do not Do not remove cover No user serviceable parts inside Refer servicing to qualified Service personnel…

A very large bowl

Mom just came back here to comfort me in my studying with the remains of a fruit salad. This, in itself, is not funny. The funny happens when I tell you that it’s still in the big crystal bowl and I’m eating it with the GINORMOUS two-tined serving fork. It’s like eating something Alice left.


Check these out. They’re really cool.

Federalism, hi-YAH!!

I’m doing a Government “review project” (we’re in teams of two and each team has a section of the material to review and then re-teach to the class) on Federalism. I have now made a really kick-ass outline of everything you’d ever want to know about Federalism in the context of the American system of [...]


Check this out! Can we go? Please?

Run and hide.

This is incredible. Kudos to the professor for being so completely terrifying. (I recommend downloading the option with “I trimmed out the actual educational part of the lecture and just left the ‘good part.’” as its intro.)

Phun in Philly

Dad and I had an awesome time in Philly. I was hoping I’d hate it so that this whole decision would be easier, but no such luck. It was actually pretty cool, although I must say that the Stanford ProFro I’ve met were friendlier than the Penn ones. Also, the Stanford crowd seems much less [...]