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I went to Kelsey’s party. I wrote a poem for K, Br, and Cl as the cards on their gift, and it made all of us cry. I swear that was not the intention. I’m just a crier. Other than the crying, it was a fun party. OH yeah, except for the awkward dancing with [...]

My second proposal

Last night was the birthday party to end all birthday parties. We were all really really tired after ProGrad (of which I will post later), so we were a little loopy, and everything happened slowly. Really, the most interesting parts of the party happened late (as they are wont to do). Justin’s presents are always [...]

Alias 2 Hour Event

SPY MOMMY’S BACK!!!! And she’s ready to rumble.

SW String Quartet

I’ve got my music! I’m playing the 2nd violin part of the first movement of Beethoven’s opus 18 No.4 (in C minor). It’s really cool. Yay! For those of you who live in or around Tucson or will be here on the 17th of June, the concert is at 7pm (I think) in the Symphony [...]

I’ve been very remiss

But hey, I’ve been finishing high school! It’s hard work! I have to spend every spare minute signing yearbooks and saying interesting and meaningful (yet not overly mushy) things. Anyhow, the Stanford series is going to get less lengthy here for a while beacause I have a date with the GIlmore Girls Season Finale at [...]


have come out. Senior yearbooks. My last high school yearbook. It’s pretty cool, actually, as they go. And my senior picture features my former hair…how weird–it’s been forever since I had that much hair!

New on Flickr!

30th St. #2 Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. This just in: Mary went to Penn. Mary took pictures. Mary has posted the first few of these. More to follow.

Numero Dos

Stanford–Part the Second When last I left you, we were about to have “Dorm Programming.” This meant that they sat us all down in the Larkin Lounge and did some skits, demonstrating the danger of drinking anything, getting lost alone, walking alone, or talking to a skeezy grad student (sorry A and E). Apparently the [...]

Cupcake lovers, rejoice!

Never more will your cupcake be lacking in definition.

Update…Part one

Whew! The BC Calc test is officially over! It was (of course) hard, but I think I did pretty well. I’ve only just gotten up from my official post-test nap, which was much needed. Now I have a TON of English homework, mostly left over from yesterday when Calc was top priority. The Stanford Admit [...]