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4 posts. I must be bored.

Here’s what the poem generator thinks of my blog: The shadow sculptures, They are SERIOUSLY cool. I dream in the Squire and cockleshells, and cockleshells, and propped them down rivers and after making gobs of two images which we got lost, we charmed the glass I mean, this big project in Venetian canals. SO damn [...]


Imagine seeing this hanging over a canal in Venice. It’s a chandlier by Dale Chihuly, the emperor of glass. I saw a PBS documentary on him, and he is so so cool. He did this big project in Finland, and after making gobs of gorgeous glass, he and his team floated them down rivers and [...]


CAKE!! Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. We went to Pennsylvania. There were a lot of our relatives. Luckily, there was also cake.

Masters of Deception

Check out some of these movies of Shigeo Fukuda’s sculptures. They are SERIOUSLY cool. I especially recommend the shadow sculptures, in which a spotlight reveals that seemingly disorganized blobs of cutlery cast beautiful shadow-shapes. SERIOUSLY cool.

In which we drive to Phoenix…

Who, me? Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. …and much merriness ensues. New pictures up on Flickr from the “roadtrip” to K’s interview. We sang along to our ipods on the radio, we took a left-hand highway exit, we got lost, we found the spaceship-like Phoenix main library, we rode the glass elevators, we met Rosie, we [...]


I’m going to lunch with Ch. today, and then he’s leaving tomorrow morning. When will he be back? Oh, I dunno, DECEMBER. Whatever. IN other news: Cl. and I are almost done cataloging the pots here at home, and I may be heading to Scottsdale today with K and Cl to keep K company on [...]


Hi Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. I took this with the Elph, sitting in the very chair in which I now sit. It’s purty, especially bigger. Hee. I like it.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Portrait Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. Here we are, the squire and I, basking in the glow of the new gelateria. Sugar makes us so pretty! The mysterious squiggly action is the strange result of “night snapshot” mode on my new camera. I think it’s a composite of two images and it takes the background first [...]

But wouldn’t it melt?

I mean, this is definitely not a long term clothing investment.

Right Now…

…I am eating chocolate mousse. I thought you should know.