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I have just discovered that this page is rather thoroughly indexed by yahoo. Man. If you go to yahoo and you type in “Cupcake Nation,” #’s 2 and 3 are both, not Cupcake Nation, but here. Or, if you type in “Mary [My last name], Cupcake.” Now I have to decide if that bothers me. [...]

My computer got da funk.

My computer has computer funk. It keeps telling me plaintively that “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needed to close.” And then it closes, and then it wants to send a report, and then it tells me again about Generic Host Process and its problems. Over and Over and Over. And [...]


Have just smashed foot into wall while breaking up dogfight. Maggie being sewn up, otherwise fine. Toe bleeding. Send presents.

True to my word:

Cupcake Nation is up to date. And we have archives. Oh yes, archives.

I cannot feel my mouth.

I have been to the dentist, and for some reason, in order to paint the plastic-ey enamel stuff on my tooth, he numbed my lower lip. I cannot feel my mouth. It’s very peculiar.

Bum, da dum dum, DUM!

Things are boring here at the office. I have spent the last hour and a half doing exactly NOTHING. Before that, I spent several hours entering addresses into a table. Ctrl, C; Ctrl, V; Ctrl, X; Ctrl, V; Ctrl, X; Ctrl, V; tab; tab; Backspace: repeat. Over and over and over. 156 times. So. Incredibly. [...]

Check it out…again!

If you haven’t looked at Cupcake Nation lately, now’s the moment. My new layout’s gone live!

Remember the letter?

You all probably remember the letter I got last year from a couple of my asshat friends proclaiming to be Princeton and saying some mean mean shit about me. I’ve forgiven one of them, but the asshattier one has just gotten himself kicked the hell out of Mary-land. The jerk had the presumption to ask [...]

I tried so hard

I was so careful. When it came to the door in its green and white package, I didn’t even open it for a whole half an hour. “I’ll just take one look…and maybe read a chapter or two. I’m going to make it last this time.” And then, three chapters later, I shut it. “That’s [...]


…have just spent 4 hours crosschecking a 10 page index. My brain is a total mush.