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The Stanford Years: Prologue

Since A and E are now in Stanford, it’s beginning to seem like reality instead of some long delusion that I might go to Stanford. This is nice, in that it seems like something’s happening, but it’s also irritating, because it makes me realize just how ready I am for something to HAPPEN already! I [...]


10 bonus points go to anyone who can tell me what an isoparm is. I googled it, and the response was confusing. As far as I can tell, it has something to do with 3D modelling software…and possibly with coordinates in a 3D plane? Help?

It’s Here!!!

I’m posting from my laptop. My brand-new, perfect, super-shiny, lovely laptop. It’s love in a fifteen inch screen. FINALLY!!! Must go celebrate by transferring music files over network. Hooray!

In which I am Victorious (and Annoying)

Dear reader(s), I am loathe to confess that I have lied to you. When I told you that my computer was in the mail, I had the purest of intents. Little did I know that The Stanford Bookstore had other plans. Far from putting my order (which was in stock, I will have you know) [...]

A verdant paradise…

A verdant paradise… Originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. …with dog. Check out the new pics up on flickr!

Shiny and New

It’s in the mail. It will be here Tuesday (probably). I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

So, where does this leave me?

I dreamed that I had triplets (not HAD, just had, *poof* they appeared.) and that I lost them. No, they didn’t die, I literally misplaced my children. Not that I liked them much, but still. What does this mean? I just left them places. Like other people’s cars and houses. Who LOSES their children?

Congratulations are in order…

…for Anna, who, by the time she reads this, will have finished the GMAT! Three cheers for Anna! And here’s to rewards…I can’t wait to see those shoes….

A day late and a dollar short… is updated. Yes, I know, I’m a day behind my self-imposed schedule. I’m OK with that.

the addresses are eating my brain

…munch munch munch. The endless checking of addresses I am doing here at “work” is killing me slowly with its song. Did you know there’s a town in NJ called Hackensack? I did. Claire told me. Now you do too. Yay for Hackensack!