Monthly Archives May 2006


My IHUM Teaching Fellow (TF) is a cool guy. He’s a rock climber, and he comes from some mysterious Slavic country. His name is Darko. I mean, how cool is THAT? If my name were Darko, I might have to get everything I owned monogrammed, just so I could read it every day, all the [...]

Rain? What the hell?

As I type, it’s POURING outside. What is this? I thought it only rained here in the winter! I have been LIED TO!! Seriously, guys, POURING. This weekend, I’ve been hanging out with Jess S. and Phine, one here from AZ, one who’s here all the time, both friends from middle school, and it’s been [...]

Paper Done!

I’ve just finished my second paper for my PWR class (“The Visual Rhetoric of Photography”) and I feel much more relieved than I had anticipated. It’s been hanging over my head for so long that I really hadn’t thought about what it’d be like not to have it hanging there. It was about Micha Bar-Am, [...]

And a little bit…not.

Now that all the draw crap is sorted out, I’ve been left feeling kind of deflated. I mean, I know that I can’t be friends with these girls anymore, and, to be honest, we’re all getting really good at ignoring each other, but I still feel like I’ve wasted too much time and effort on [...]