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Hey, baby….ciaaaaooo

Eddie Izzard (a brilliant comic) in his show Dress to Kill, does a fantastic bit about italians that totally sums up the Italian attitude. (NB: The transcript really doesn’t do this bit justice. Ask me sometime, and I’ll play it for you, or look for “Italians and Fascists” on his CD Dress to Kill, which [...]

20 Things I Have Learned

So, right now I’m perched on my extremely tiny Italian bed in a pool of crumbs from the bag of water crackers I’ve just finished off (oh yes, those of us on student budgets eat the most elegant food in all of Italy. If you’ve never had a water cracker…well, they’re not high in flavor. [...]


Cupcakenation is all redone! Enjoy…

Free Internet!

I have truly found the land of milk and honey. The apartment of my new best friend, Klara, who happens also to go to Stanford, has free wireless internet. This is the miracle to end all miracles. It’s free! And I can use it on my own computer! And did I tell you about the [...]