Monthly Archives September 2006

Thin Wall

Just to give you some sort of concept of how thin the walls are here at Mirrielees Central, I can hear the phone ringing in the next apartment over, through 4 walls quite clearly. And then I can hear the guy pick up the phone. And then I can hear his conversation. Moral of the [...]


Dear Tic-Tac, I bought the new Tic-Tac “BOLD FRUIT” flavor mints the other day. They are not BOLD. They are FUNKY. They leave this strange sort of chlorinated flavor in your mouth after you eat them. I am not a fan. Also, they were made in Ecuador. Does this seem like a weird place to [...]


So, I’m supposed to be driving all of my stuff to school in California tomorrow. Most of it is packed in the car already, and I am proud to say that you can still TOTALLY see out the back window. TOTALLY. I only freaked out once (or maybe twice)–mostly when I realized that all that [...]