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Theoretical Language

My brain to mouth filter has been on the fritz lately, especially in my romantic poetry class. Of course, it doesn’t help much that people are constantly saying things that are so incredibly laughable. Things like, “Now, if we contemplate the subversive qualities of ‘worm’…” and “sure, I’d love to employ some scansion over here.” [...]

The Grossest Thing I’ve Learned Today

Dear world, They have buttered toast flavored jelly beans. That is possibly the grossest thing EVER. Love, m

Protected: angst is in the air

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Beach Day

and this one has a pretty swirl of seaweed, originally uploaded by madcoolninjas. Today, in honor of having no class, I went on a beach adventure. I drove to Muir beach, which is in the Golden Gate National Park. It was really pretty, if a bit grey, and I’ve put up some of my pictures, [...]

Thoroughly tired of me

I finally got it to import my blogger entries! The next step is to add the (even older) livejournal entries, and finally have everything all in one place, but since I had to delete five extra copies of each blogger entry (I think because I was too dumb to get the really really really easy [...]

New things?

I’m so tired of my blogger theme that not only have I changed it and moved the blog, but I’ve also started this one. I really like this best, but I can’t for the life of me get it to import posts, and I’ve got a TON of homework to do, so for now, this [...]

Protected: Economy Size

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