Monthly Archives November 2006

Virtual Advent Calendar, again!

So, remember when, about two years ago, I did a virtual advent calendar? (Check the archives if the answer is “no.”) Well, I’ve decided to do it again, only this time, more in calendar form. Check it out right here, and enjoy….

So, what do you want for Christmas?

Picking out Christmas presents is hard work for everyone. (Excepting possibly my mother, who has a deep seated knack for it. She can spot the perfect thing in a catalog from 10 yards, order it with her eyes shut, and have it stashed away by the end of November.) For all us ordinary mortals, may [...]


I want superpowers. I want them more than anything. I’ve been waiting faithfully, ever since I first saw the X Men cartoons with Anne Marie, my friend who watched all the TV shows I wasn’t allowed to watch when I was little, for my powers to arrive, one way or another. The only flaw with [...]

Gangster Burger

At the end of last year, a bunch of us decided to eat dinner out on the oval, a big oval (shocking, I know) patch of grass in front of the stanford campus. We all went into Palo Alto, grabbed takeout, and settled ourselves in for a night of picnicking, frisbee, and word games. (Yes, [...]