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Where is my roadster? Where is my gin?

I have a secret passion for mommy blogs (I know, I know, they hate that term). What can I say? I may not be interested in babies, but their parents are fascinating, and also funny. One of my favorites, mimi smartypants, held forth on gin and fast cars in her latest post: I also finished [...]

Keane is Keen

My Saturday night was great for two reasons: Keane is awesome *and* Despite there existing a vast number of things to go wrong, nothing actually did go wrong. We drove to Berkeley in plenty of time with very little trouble, I didn’t get lost (thank you, excellent navigators), parking was a piece of cake, and [...]

Desert Island Lists

In a long delayed response to Walt’s desert island songs (with a Claire modification, cause dude, she’s right. 10 or 15, not 12.), I now bring to you the 15 songs I would insist on taking with me to a desert island: “No Children” – The Mountain Goats “Ruby Blue” – Roisin Murphy “The Quiz” [...]

My Proverbial Internet Forehead

I’ve been kind of delinquent in posting here, but let it suffice to say that I have never been so exquisitely aware that the internet is the ultimate public place. I have a couple of new projects going, neither of which is ready for unveiling, and there just hasn’t been anything else going that I’ve [...]

The Secret Safeway

Usually, I don’t go to the secret Safeway. I go to war-zone Safeway, which until recently was merely mildly war torn. However, in recent days, conditions at war-zone Safeway have become intolerable. Not only is most of the parking lot torn out, but also large swaths of the indoors have been replaced with strange walls [...]

Never leave roommates unattended

A quickie, since I have lecture tomorrow (at the dignified hour of 11, never fear): When I left my apartment tonight, at about 8:30, my roommate Aj and her “friend” Ch were sitting politely at the table, finishing the meal she’d cooked for him (little did I know she was so domestic–usually her repertoire starts [...]