Monthly Archives February 2007

A Ticklish Thing

I had never thought that a sound could make me all ticklish all over, but I think I’ve found one that manages it. Plug in some headphones, adjust your volume, and then hit play. It’s pretty awesome. I kept catching myself turning my head to follow the sound and giggling at it, which might indicate [...]

Women, Fire, and Other Dangerous Objects

As I’m sure you all know, many languages (not English, but hey, we’re rebellious like that) have gender for all nouns. For instance, in Spanish and Italian, “table” is feminine, as are “keys” and the moon, while “oven,” “bridge” and the sun are masculine. These genders have little to nothing to do with the nature [...]

The Appropriate Butt-Shaking

There’s this song that I can’t get out of my head. If you’ve seen Little Miss Sunshine (or if you were alive and listening to music any time in the 80′s), you’re probably familiar with it. It goes a little bit like this: She’s a very kinky girl The kind you don’t take home to [...]

Freaky Dream Land

Last night, I had a bizarre and wonderful dream. Instead of living in Mirrielees, I lived in an apartment complex just outside of the Stanford campus that appeared to have been modeled after Venice, in that instead of having streets, it had canals. To live there, you had to drive one of those duck things, [...]

Listen, my child, and you will hear…

…of the pictures I took before Viennese Ball. Although in this picture, Nathan is in fact expounding on a theory, the name of which I instantly forgot, you should instead imagine that he’s telling you to head over here to look at the set of pictures in which he stars, along with Jessica, Lekan, Katie, [...]

St. Valentine Loves Quotes

Valentine’s Day is a strange, artificial but ultimately entertaining holiday, and so this will be a strange, artificial but ultimately entertaining (I hope) entry. It contains some things I like, some links I love, and a few nuggets of wisdom. Love is complicated, dancing is awesome. “I love you, in a really, really big pretend [...]

A Pretty Thing

I’ve redone cupcakenation, and it is very blue. Very blue and very pretty.

The Future Doctors of America: Surgeon, Two O’Clock

When you sit in the back of a big lecture hall, watching 200 stanford sophomores taking a biology exam, you can pick out the future doctors from 1000 yards (or rather, were it actually possible to BE 1000 yards away from them in the lecture hall, you could). There’s the twitchy asian kid who sits [...]