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Worf, we are not friends

Dear Worf, I really think it’s unfair that your name caused forward blocking,¬† preventing me from remembering that the Whorfian Hypothesis was that whole thing about the language you speak affecting the way you think. Seriously, dude. I don’t think we’re talking right now. Aaaargghhhh, m In other news, I leave the dorm in approximately [...]

Holy Crap, Batman!

I know this girl! She was on in honor of pi day, but she was also in my Shakespeare section! She likes cran-grape juice! And English! I’m like, 2 degrees of separation from boingboing! This seems to call for a lot of exclamation points!

I despise this week

Utterly. The one downside to classes without final exams, or rather, with papers, is that the week before finals, when everyone else is having a last shot at boredom, I’m writing ALL the time. This is not a pleasant thing.


How did it take me this long to find him? Why must I find things a week before they’re over? WHY, GOD, WHY? ¬†ZEFRANK’S THE SHOW (highly recommended) (start with some “popular shows”) (there’s a link) (I would link it again, but I am lazy.)

I’ve been ROBBED

This morning, I got up, realized that I’d left my alarm set the way I do on the day I have “early” (read: “before noon”) class, and reset it for a little later. I sat up what felt like 10 seconds later to the screaming of my alarm, having slept two hours without knowing it. [...]

A Bluish Haze

Dear Pot Smokers Downstairs, I know we’ve talked about this before, but let’s just recap to be clear. I don’t know if you’re familiar with California law, but that whole thing with the no smoking within 20 feet of a public building? That means you too. I appreciate your efforts to broaden my horizons and [...]

Friday Nights Are All Right…

…for writing papers. This “friday at midnight” deadline is the WORST THING EVER. The worst. Fairly literally. Luckily, I am done WAY before midnight, (10 points to me) and so am sitting on a couch next to Jessica (who is not done…boooo) and writing this instead of yet more babbling about stereotype threat and the [...]