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Attn World: I Am Blogging in Class

In a move some have been predicting for years, I have now taken my obsession with the internet with me to class–I am studying it. I know, I know, way to mix business with pleasure, right? Wrong. Little did I know that studying the internet would require actual research and writing and WORK. Those jerks. [...]

let’s utilize the use of a title

*snigger* My roommate’s friend is in one of the classes I’m in, and tonight, he burst into our room, all outraged, to complain about the comments his TA had given him on his response to one of the films we watched in class. He began, in a giant huff, to read the offending sentence in [...]


I have uploaded more pictures to flickr. There are some pictures of pandas, some pictures of a wedding, and some pictures that I have just been too lazy to get to until just now. Personally, I am a big fan of the pictures of pandas. And also of Taboo, since Taboo is about the best [...]

spring fever

What can I say? I was bored with brown. I’ve got a bit of a case of Spring Fever, I guess. Everything has been frustrating me lately with  its sameness. I don’t know what it is, but I have this urge to dye my hair blue, cut it all off, move to a foreign country, [...]

blog crush

I have a blog crush. For months now, I’ve been reading the occasionally angsty undergraduate musings of Kat Lewin, who is a columnist for the Stanford Daily. I can’t even remember how I found the damn thing, but here I am, hopelessly addicted. When she moved back to campus following a stint in the Russian [...]

spring is springing

Spring here is beautiful, if a bit allergenic. The trees are all perfectly lush and green, the flowers start to bloom, in all of their bright red gory glory, and the caterpillars start to drop from the trees into the faces of unsuspecting bikers and pedestrians. I’ve put my new schedule into my Palm Pilot, [...]