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Rant follows: if you have particularly strong feelings about SweatFree protests, don’t troll me please, love, mary

Read this first. I’ve been getting those emails too, and they, not unlike the hunger strike in White Plaza this fall, drive me absolutely up the wall. So, why do I think this is moronic? (Because, oh BOY, do I.) Well, we can start with the excessive punctuation (always an excellent indicator of intelligence), and [...]

contrast: high

Right now I am too sleepy to say anything but this: I like markers that are all different colors and make pretty swoopy lines. Later I will be more interesting. Maybe.

spring makes me boring

It is firmly spring-like here. Our fourth floor apartment, resplendent in its lack of air conditioning, is a comfortable (NOT) 90ish degrees, the guitar calluses that dot my left hand are progressing nicely, and all in all, everything is much too placid to inspire blogging. I can’t even get a proper “bored” going since I [...]