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We Win at Poetry

The fabulous Lauren and I win at poetry. No, seriously, you thought it wasn’t a competition? It is. Today in class, we did an exercise the object of which was to correctly reassemble a poem taken to pieces by using the magical power of GRAMMAR. And Lauren and I? We got an A+. A literal, [...]

The Blog Curse

HAH. So apparently mentioning things on my blog is the special special signal for them to fall apart. Strike that last part about “someone in the picture.” Who needs pictures of boys? NOT ME. HEAR THAT, UNIVERSE? NOT ME.

I, Democrat

I wrote this as a comment on this post, but then it got long and required spellcheck and paragraphs, and I decided that it really should live over here. So read the original post first and then come back here. It’s ok. I’ll wait. Back? Excellent. I seem to be in the minority here, but [...]

awwww who’s the cutest little thing?

This makes me coo involuntarily. SO CUTE. OHMYGOD SO CUTE.

Welcome to 2008

During Winter Break, I have gone many places and learned many things. In order to catch you all up as fast as possible, I will present the rundown of the break in super sweet digest form. Ready, steady, let’s go: U of A Basketball game: Yes, they really ARE that tall. If you sit on [...]