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neeeed sleeeeep

Dear Frat House Next Door/Across the Street/Down the Road, I get it. Really, I do. I mean, of course you throw parties. You’re frat houses. That is like, your primary function–to bring the party to the block, to rock out college-style, to pump your pimpin’ tunes, to assault the neighborhood with the soul of DANCE. [...]

Lessons in Raspberry Lemonade

Recommended: Trying Crystal Light. Not Recommended: Drinking a lot of caffeinated Crystal Light. (Did you know they put caffeine in that shit? THIS is why my grandma always loved it.) Recommended: Trying it dry, like a super-tangy Pixi Stick. Not Recommended: Inhaling mid-pixi. Recommended: Lots of coughing. Not Recommended: Breathing in sharply between coughs, thereby [...]

Two Lessons

One should learn two things from this. 1. ALWAYS PROOFREAD. 2. Coffee has secrets. They are SHOCKING. Thank you, Questionable Content advertisers. I owe you everything.

In Like Flynn

I’m moved in! It was hard and exhausting and involved lifting a lot of heavy things, and made me realize that I have way too many personal possessions. But I’m here! And I’m cleaning up the room, so now it almost looks neat. I’ve put up some pictures, and set up my light, and read [...]


So, welcome to the new location! Come on in, take a look around, pull up a chair, I’m here to stay. I’m probably still tweaking this theme (layout, etc), but I’ve really moved in for real now, since the main page is up and oh so newly pretty. I’m really very proud of it, so [...]


I am writing a poem in which the word turtle appears 12 times so far. I am quite proud of this fact. Of course, it’s also 1:55 am, so pretty much everything feels like a good idea right now. You could probably convince me that I should write a poem about rocks. Actually, this kind [...]

an important conversation about pants

I had this conversation with myself this morning: Self, your pants are on inside out. No they’re not, they’re perfect, I love them like this. Yes they are. Look at the waist band. But it folds over! It’s fine! But where is the drawstring? Where, I ask you?? It’s here, where it’s supposed to be. [...]