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I just upgraded WordPress, and WHOOO BOY did it suck. For a process that is supposed to be super simple, the whole thing is unutterably irritating every time I have to do it. Anyhow, rest happy, WordPress upgraded, nothing deleted, life is all good. And now I will go take a nap, after all that [...]

Video Therapy

Here is a very fuzzy picture of me as a toddler, which I took with my iphone of an actual picture of me. That is not a great sentence, but you’ll just have to deal with that trauma on your own time. So, imagine that me on the floor pitching a tantrum, because that me [...]

How Are You?

When I was in high school, an employee of my father’s had a vasectomy. Now, you may be thinking that this is a strange thing to tell the Internet, but bear with me. After the surgery, the man in question (let’s call him Fred, shall we?) had a very bad reaction to healing, and somehow [...]

excuse me

but I think I have bloggers’ block.