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these are a few of my…things

So, it’s been a turbulent couple of weeks around here. I’m not going to go into it, the internet being a public forum and all, but no worries, I’m finding my feet again. However, I’m still pretty much operating at minimum functional capacity. I’m getting the vital stuff done, but everything on the list below [...]

If you get a minute, please head over here and vote for my charming friend Lauren O so that she can interview for an internship! I know it’s a totally strange way to decide interviews, but she’s super fly and totally deserves to get all employed up in that place.

BLINK! goes Kristof

I’ve been drafted to blog on the admit website in honor of the upcoming admit weekend here, which reminded me that I should really blog here also. The advantages of having your own site are many and myriad. For example, I am not required to keep my thoughts to a short list of ProFro appropriate [...]