I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…

In our house on Christmas morning, we used to get up in the dark. My sister and I, both pretty blind without our glasses, used to stumble out into the living room lens-less, to keep from “cheating” and looking at the presents before everyone was awake. There was a certain thrilling mystery to bumping around in the cold dark, trying to feel rather than¬† see what we’d been given. As we’ve gotten older, the early morning wake-ups have been replaced by an adolescent love of sleep, at least on my part. We got up this year at a dignified 8 am, ready to do Christmas.

First come the stockings. Stocking presents are traditionally left unwrapped and tend towards the exciting. The year, for example, that I got the tiny ride-on firetruck¬† complete with siren (a year now, alas,¬† quite far away in my memory), the firetruck was laid out in all its glory with the stocking presents. After we’ve emptied out all the apples and cashews (both traditional stocking fillers) and thoroughly examined unwrapped presents, we tear into the wrapping papered under-tree loot. It is a frenzy of wrapping paper for a while, and then it’s all opened and we find ourselves sitting, suddenly hungry for breakfast, in the middle of a sea of bright paper and newly-naked presents.

At this point, Dad breaks out the traditional Christmas scotch, Mom makes breakfast (usually something delicious with more butter and/or bacon on it that is generally considered responsible), and we settle into my favorite part of Christmas.

There’s something sort of supernaturally calm about Christmas day, a release of all the usual pressures of life. No one has to clean, no one has to work, and no one has to be anywhere. We all hang around the house doing just exactly as we like. It’s a day totally without focus, and yet somehow I never get bored. In my perfect universe, every day would be Christmas, but not for the presents–only for the total peace that follows.

Merry (late) Christmas, and a Happy New Year…

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  1. Anna wrote:

    This is a great post, M. I know what you mean about the peace.

    Posted 05 Jan 2007 at 11:59 am