I’m working at a summer camp here at Stanford for the summer, which is a surprisingly similar experience to GOING to summer camp. All of the relationships are seriously accelerated. By the end of the first week, people have grouped (or coupled) into their super-amazing-forever friend/loveinterest clumps. By the second week, they’re an old established couple, and by the third week, they’re all fighting over how they’re never going to see each other again. The counselors have kind of done the same thing, all clicking together right away. The only difference is that our last week is week six rather than week three. It’s a heady ride of 24 hours a day together mixed with smores and late nights, water fights and lots of sunscreen.

Last night, the whole cluster (the group of houses in this camp that are on the Row) had a dance, and oh my goodness was it teenagery. It was hilarious to see them “sneakily” pairing off, oblivious to the fact that we’re all watching them like hawks–not to keep them from doing things, but to keep up on the gossip train when they do. Every night, after we put them to bed, our whole counselor friend group meets in one house to hash over the drama of the day, and usually to watch a ridiculously campy (in every sense of the word) movie.

Since I have the tumblr for my little silly thoughts now, I always feel like I should say some thing Deep and Important here, but I really am out of Deep and Important Ideas.

One of the side effects of making the monthly playlists is that certain songs get really fiercely associated with times and places in my head. I was listening to my library on shuffle today when “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley came on, and all of a sudden, I could smell the inside of our favorite bar from the summer I spent in Italy, taste the weird snack mix they kept in grungy metal bowls, remember the stick of my feet to the floor and the spin of staring down the blocked off well in the side room. Listening to last July’s list is like being right back there, living in that strange little apartment in Berkeley, walking to see Wally, the water damage ripple in the floor of my room, hitting my head on the underside of the desk when I sat up in bed, the chug of the photo printer and chicken aioli sandwiches with cranberries.

I was going somewhere with this, but I’ve forgotten where. I added videos for all the songs on the July list, btw, so if you want to go listen to what it feels like to hit your head on the bottom of a desk, head on over.