May 2007 – Crunching the Numbers

Before you read this, you should probably know that it was originally written as liner notes to go with a CD sent to the uber-fantastic Claire and Kelsey, so, as much as I love you all, if you’re not them, you’re not who I mean by “we.” Yes. Also, before you ask, I got the CD of the month thing from Claire and Cameron Crowe, both of whom did it long before I started. And now I am hooked, and I feel like a failure if I forget and have to do it in one day instead of compiling as the month goes along.

And so, without further ado, I present you the musical May, 2007. More months to follow (and, indirectly, precede).

1. Grace Kelly – MIKA: I heard this song in a Jamba Juice, and I got all hooked and attached to it, and it became ridiculous how much I like it. It’s an excellent grooving along to song, and also an excellent singing loudly and fastly to even if you can’t get totally straight on which lyrics go where.

2. My Apartment – Ben Kweller: I like to hide away from things in my apartment, this is true.

3. Empire City – Bishop Allen: I love Bishop Allen, in general, and to be honest, I sort of went hunting for one of their songs to add to this playlist, and then I liked this one best. And so.

4. Save Me – Aimee Mann: Favorite moment?
If you could save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone
That makes this song very dramatic, which is perhaps not how I meant it? I don’t know, it’s pretty, and deep and things? I guess?

5. 85 – Rilo Kiley: Kelsey gave me this song on a CD, and I really really like the part where she says:
I’ll be in your car
I locked the keys in your car
I’ll be in your car for now
I don’t know why I like that part so much…I think maybe because I listen to it a lot in my car, and it’s all soothing and lovely? I don’t know. It’s a great song. I also really like the part about wondering why things that keep you (me) up at night don’t seem to bother other people.

6. If I Don’t Write This Song, Someone I Love WIll Die – Hello Saferide: I really like Hello Saferide, but I am too cheap to buy her CD because the only way I can find it is on imported from Sweden, and so it costs twice what a regular one would, which is a total bummer, and while my love for her/them almost justifies it, I have a hard time getting ripped off. Itunes only has it in the Swedish store, and they won’t let me buy from them, stupid stupid people. I don’t get that, but whatever….GAH.

7. Run – Indigo Girls: You’d better get out while you can. That’s all I’ve got to say.

8. Amsterdam (Acoustic) – Guster:
I’m gonna write you a letter
I’m gonna write you a book
I wanna see your reaction
I wanna see how it looks
Hurray for bongos. Hurrah for Guster. Yay for mail. All hail books.

9. Doledrum – The La’s: Late eighties Liverpuddlians The La’s have now, alas, broken up, but they peddled a particularly lovely brand of psuedo-beatles brit-rock, plus this particular album has a giant picture of an eye wearing GREAT eyeliner, which is always good times.

10. 3rd Planet – Modest Mouse:
Everything that keeps me together is falling apart/i’ve got
This thing that I consider my only art of fucking people over.”
I like the bit about everything falling apart. Sometimes, things go all apoplectic and gaaahhh and there’s nothing to hold on to and you just what to perfect the art of fucking people over.

11. A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell:
I am as constant as a northern star
And I said, constant in the darkness
Wheres that at?
If you want me Ill be in the bar.
I can’t think about Joni Mitchell without thinking about that scene in Love Actually where Emma Thompson tells Alan Rickman that Joni Mitchell “taught your cold English wife how to feel.” She’s an emotional education, but you have to be careful not to listen to her when you’re already feeling over-emotional, cause she’ll shove you right over the edge.

12. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) – Beach Boys: Despite its sexism, with the growing up to be a man, I really like the part that goes:
“When I grow up to be a man
Will I dig the same things that turn me on as a kid?”
I love that expression. I think we should bring back the phrase “to dig.” It’s about due for a renaissance.

13. Someone Else’s Life – Joshua Radin: Somehow, I’m leading someone else’s life….this is a great song to sing along with when you’re feeling mellow. It’s all puuuurty and conteeemplative and STUFF.

14. I Turn My Camera On – Spoon: This could not be more different from the Josh Radin. I’ve just discovered Spoon off of your mixes (I know, sometimes I’m slow), and I LOVE THIS. And also I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, and this is a good song to have on my photography playlist, for when I want to walk around with a camera or two and feel all COOL and SUAVE and SHIT LIKE THAT. It’s a good dancing around to wake yourself up song too. When I’m taking a break in the magic of paper writing or studying or something like that, sometimes I crank this song up and do a stupid dance around my room. It always makes me feel better about being stuck in my chair all day. :-)

15. My Way Home – Citizen Cope: This song is every cool stoner’s tribute to feeling lost and also to wanting to go home, both of which have been very much about this month, hence it’s an appropriate choice. Also, Citizen Cope makes me feel cool inside.

16. Tu vuò Fa L’Americano – Renato Carasone: I got this song from Ed, and I can’t remember (or he didn’t know) who sings it. [edit: I have now figured who who sings it, as you can probably tell.] Anyhow, it’s all big bandey and upbeat and about all of the icons of being american. Like whisky and soda, apparently. And, you know, sex under the stars. I wish it were actually like that, except that whisky is kind of gross.

17. Science Vs. Romance – Rilo Kiley: I used to think if I could realize I’d die then I would be a lot nicer. This song is just awesome. I know, multiple Rilo Kileys on one CD is not following the rules, but I just bought this album, and it’s all stuck in my head! I swear, I’ve listened to this song more times in a row than is probably healthy. :-)

18. Everybody’s Going To War – Nerina Pallot: As you can probably guess from the random man talking during the beginning of this song, I stole it off of Limewire last summer. it was on Italian MTV all the time, which was essentially all I watched, and they have this massive food fight in a grocery store with exploding watermelons and shooting ketchup at people and everything, which looks like a lot of fun. I put this in because it makes me want it to be summer so I can get messy and throw things everywhere and that is the mode I’m trying to get into here. :-)

19. American Girls – Weezer: Weezer makes me remember summer and live music and car rides up to phoenix and cheesecake and sitting on the grass at night listening to crazy bands and those are the things I want to do this summer. And also we are American girls, although I hope we’re not all harsh and rough and etc. But we do like to smack people’s butts. In a side note, I was told that I had a “sexy booty” last night and I almost died laughing, which might have been the wrong response.

20. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – MIKA: This is a GREAT walking places song, even if none of us are what he seems to define as “big girls.” We are still beautiful and dancey, and I was also told that I “have a big personality” which I am telling myself is a good thing. We all have big personalities, and so we all get to be big girls in the best ways.
Diet coke and a pizza please,
diet coke and I’m on my knees screaming