June 2007 – What’s My Damage?

1. My Lovely – Eisley: I picked this song because we call each other “lovely” here all the time. “Heeeere’s a song for you LOVELY…”

2. The Damage In Your Heart – Weezer: I had something medium-intelligent to say about this song, but then I started watching a discovery health thing about liposuction and all I can tell you is that liposuction is NASTY and I don’t think I’ll be eating for SOME TIME. (Re: the video, fan mashups are eating youtube.)

3. Tallahassee – The Mountain Goats: blahblahblah johndarnielleisagenius blah. (I will see him live someday if I have to sell organs/my firstborn to do it.)

"Moon stuttering in the sky like film stuck in a projector"

4. Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields: Um, so this song is in here because of a certain *ahem* experience with a certain *ahem* person who went a little cuckoo pretty fast. And now is the moment when I show how paranoid I am about the internet by stopping there. *ahem* (The video is a bizarre cover made by some Italians. I swear it’s the only thing I could find on youtube.)

5. How Do You Tell Someone – Cowboy Mouth: How do you tell someone you don’t care any more? You give them this song. Not that I don’t care about YOU. I loooove you.

6. Learning To Fly – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: This is one of those songs that I just put in because I like it and it came up on shuffle.

7. I Like You Better (live) – Raina Rose: Raina Rose is fun. Wheeeeee fun.

8. To Be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens: Sometimes Sufjan irritates me with his ambling nonsensical songs. Sometimes I want to grab him and say “dude, you are not as cool and innovative and magically special as you think you are.” And then sometimes, HE IS.

9. Who Needs Sleep – Barenaked Ladies: There was not a whole lot of sleeping involved in June, especially towards the beginning. Who needs sleep? Um, ME.

10. Sleep Better – Pete Yorn: …and so I also had to put in this part about sleeping better. Cause I’m special like that.

11. I Only Want To Be With You – Bay City Rollers: The Bay City Rollers are like the Beach Boys of Scotland. Or something. But definitely from Scotland. Apparently, when they were super popular in the 1970′s, there was a song, to the tune of “This Old Man,” that went a little something like this:

B-A-Y, B-A-Y,
B-A-Y, C-I-T-Y,
With an R-O-double-L, E-R-S,
Bay City Rollers are the best!

12. Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin: I like this song. I need no reasons. I am a child of the 90′s. (Well, technically the late eighties, but let’s be honest–I don’t REMEMBER the 80′s. And not for an exciting reason either. For the lame-o reason that I was under four the whole time.)

13. Oceanographer’s Choice – The Mountain Goats: Superman, broadswords, what else could a girl want? Not much is the answer. Not much.

14. Three County Highway – Indigo Girls: The Indigo Girls rock really hard live, even if you and your sister are probably being mistaken for a lesbian couple while you watch them and the people next to you are totally lighting up inside. San Francisco is awesome like that, folks.

15. Desperado – The Eagles: There’s a song about a desperado that I learned at camp and that apparently my grandmother used to sing to my mom when she was little. It sounds nothing like this song, but it’s still awesome. Ask me to sing it for you sometime. It’s totally badass. There are hoochie coochie girls and EVERYTHING.

16. Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks: HAH. K, Cl and I went to see The Waitress, and it reminded me of this song, like, a lot, except that (spoiler alert) Keri Russel doesn’t actually chop her husband into pieces. He’s just a jerk named Earl. And it has Captain TightPants from Firefly in it! And he’s HOT. AGAIN.

17. Dead – Steve Burns: Processions, personal slaves, dancing, flames, being dead, but all cheery about it. (the video’s a TMBG cover. Yes, I prefer the original too.)

18. The Magic Position – Patrick Wolf: Claire doesn’t think this song is about sex. Maybe my brain is broken. (oh my god he’s so weird and so awesome.)
19. 1234 – Feist: 1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more. (in case you forgot how to count to four, Feist will now remind you.)

20. We Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel: I’ve heard so many take-offs on this song that I couldn’t remember enough of the original to figure out what the take offs were take offs from. And then I remembered and was so proud of myself that I put this on my playlist. And you should be proud of me too.

21. Overdue – The Get Up Kids: I got this song off of OurTunes, but it’s part of a soundtrack I’m waaay too embarrassed to admit to here. You’ll just have to guess. It came up on shuffle too, and I likes it.