September 2007 – Going Glitterati

  1. “Weekend In Western Illinois” – The Mountain Goats
  2. You can listen to this song here. I love this song because of the claps that come between

    and we are hotly in love with one another.
    we’ve got an unquenchable thirst in our throats.
    we are, for some reason, all the time, bleeding,
    and we are friendless.


    and we love these dogs that roll on the lawns here in galesburg –
    because they seem to know something nobody else knows.

    CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP awesome.

  3. Dress Up In You – Belle and Sebastian
  4. Best part:

    Blow up in the face of my rivals
    I scream and rant, I make quite an arrival
    The men are surprised by the language
    They act so discreet, they are hypocrites so fuck them too!

    Listen here.

  5. Please Don’t Rock Me Tonight – Fountains of Wayne
  6. Listen here.

  7. All American Man – Cowboy Mouth
  8. It took me literally years to figure out the name of this song, which is very unusual in the days of google. I guess “Red blooded all american man” is a very common phrase on the internet. You can check it out here.

  9. Traffic in the Sky – Jack Johnson
  10. Something about Jack Johnson is ALWAYS soothing. Love that Right here.

  11. Why Bother – Weezer
  12. This whole album (and the Blue Album) will always remind me of driving up to Phoenix with Thursday and her dad (and some other peripheral friend who is no longer important to the story) to see my very first live show. Thursday’s dad sat patiently through Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, and Tenacious D with nary a complaint, and then we ate cheesecake in the car on the way home. I couldn’t hear right for hours after. It was awesome. Hear the track here.

  13. Why Ya Wanna Do Me? – Cowboy Mouth
  14. I really do not remember why this is on here. Yet another reason you shouldn’t wait a year and a half to record your innermost thought.

  15. San Francisco – The Weepies
  16. This song is insanely catchy to me, and also very embarrassing to be caught singing out loud on the BART. All those places are real places, and it’s just much less cool to be singing about them while you’re in them than to be singing about them from a distance. I can’t find this one online either, but I like it, and if you want it, ask me and I’ll make you a mix or something.

  17. BAD Day – R.E.M.
  18. This song has way too commonplace a title to be googled. I keep getting free mp3′s of the Daniel Powter song of the same name. I think I had a bad day and so I put this on here. You know the song I mean.

  19. Boss of Me – They Might Be Giants
  20. This song turns out to be the themesong to Malcolm In The Middle, which makes it much less cool to have on here. It has the line “life is unfair” in it, so I’m guessing this was about the same bad day as the one before.

  21. It’s All Understood – Jack Johnson
  22. More Jack Johnson. Must have been a really awful day.

  23. Rocks and Water – The Weepies
  24. I remember listening to this song on my way to get my wisdom teeth yanked out of my head which…..hadn’t happened yet when I made this playlist? I think? Yeah. Yeah, this was a couple of months before.

    I will be rocks, I will be water,
    I will leave this to my daughter:
    Lift your head up in the wind
    When you feel yourself grow colder,
    Wrap the night around your shoulders,
    I will be with you even then
    Even when I cannot see your face anymore.

  25. All That She Wants – Ace of Base
  26. Ahhh, the Ace of Base. Good for car dancing?

  27. Take It Outside – Barenaked Ladies
  28. Any other guy would wanna take it outside
    But I’d never even try – who wants to get their lights knocked out?

    Amen, brother.

  29. Burn Your Life Down – Tegan and Sara
  30. Hear it here.

  31. The Gutterati? – The Fratellis
  32. Another good one for rocking out in your car. Very very fast and GHWWWWWAAAAA. Check it here.

  33. Stay Away – Rooney
  34. I’ve made other plans and you’ll just be distracting me…in a GOOD way…..

    Hear it here.

  35. Take It From Me – The Weepies
  36. Wow, lots of Weepies here. I usually keep to the mix tape rules on my monthly playlists, but apparently not in September of 2007. Weepies left, right and center. It’s right here.

  37. Them That Got – Ben Folds
  38. This song just rocks. It’s a Ray Charles cover missing a few verses, but he rocks it out anyhow. Here.